To enhance and visualize what your career would be like after some years is something most young professionals of today approach their current state of work. Most have ambition and are aware of the needed room for improvement, not to mention the years of experience that lies ahead for them to be able to get a grasp of a more professional understanding of where they are now. Some would refer to them as rookies or wet behind the ears, and true enough, this can only be justified once they have been exposed towards the “real thing�, meaning a part of the sensitive decision making process that a company needs to perform every time.

Sure, there will always be the distinction and step ahead of the rest of the corporate personnel, but along with that come a more heated monitoring prowess on the part of the executive management eyes. There is rarely a room for errors, and such occurrences would remit tongue lashing and critique that people may not be up to at most times. Separating the personal issues from the actual professional undertakings is something that people will need to get used to and as they say:

This is where we separate the men from the boys…

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