Calling All Men: 5 Ways to Maintain your Business Image at Work

If you’re a man who has a professional job, you’ll want to look the part. Wearing the right clothes and accessories can help you do just that. The key to your ultimate success may lie in your outer appearance each day. Knowing ways that can help you get and keep this image may be critical to you moving up quickly in the workplace.



When it comes to a business image for a man, a suit and tie often come to mind. This should be worn if you work as an attorney or other high-profile position. However, if you simply work in an office setting, you may be able to wear a dress shirt and slacks each day.

Whatever your selection is, you should avoid wearing bold and bright colors with large patterns. It is ideal to stick to darker colors or neutral ones to help you maintain your professional image on a daily basis.

Furthermore, make sure you have pieces in your closet that can be mixed and matched to make different professional outfits, instead of always repeating the same go-to options.


It’s ideal to keep a short and well-kept hairstyle if you want to look professional. You should avoid long hair that isn’t properly maintained when at work. Additionally, if you have a beard, you will want to trim it regularly to keep it looking nice and neat.


You should avoid tennis shoes when you work in a business environment. It is ideal to wear loafers or other types of dress shoes when on the job. Consider the colors black, brown or navy and work to avoid bright colors that attract attention.


The right briefcase can set you apart from the other men on the job. This can serve as the best place to keep your documents that may be needed for work and can be easily transported. Leather is always a good option and will withstand the test of time and weather elements.

You may want to consider a carrier for your laptop to make taking it to and from work less difficult. This type of carrier can also keep your computer protected and in good condition at all times.


Keeping your money in an easy to get to a location is helpful when you’re at work. You may want to put your driver’s license and credit cards in your wallet, as well. It is ideal to choose one that is durable, and leather may be your best option, in this case.

It is not difficult to look like a businessman while you are on the job. Simply invest the right amount of time and effort, and you are certain to look and play the role!

Originally posted on March 9, 2015 @ 4:27 pm

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