We are all familiar with surveys.  We receive it through regular mail, get asked to respond to it over the phone or in person, or find them clogging our electronic mail. The popularity of the latter is rapidly increasing because of the least amount of cost needed to carry them out.

Given the proliferation of surveys, do businesses have any particular use for the information offered in these surveys?  Any information that would help businesses understand their focus and related markets are of significant value.  The success of any business will rely on its capability to provide actual market needs which is only possible with real understanding.

It is no wonder then that many businesses conduct their own surveys.  However, not just any survey can provide the needed information of businesses.  The survey has to be developed using questions that could lead to answers that will help businesses attain their objectives.  The length is not as important as the content.  In fact, many required answers can be obtained from short and to-the-point surveys thereby avoiding wastage of precious time and resources.

Chosen questions should be based on a clear objective so as to avoid deviating from the main issue at hand. Some surveys require multiple methodologies to be accomplished and the business conducting the survey should be aware of this.  Proper administration of the survey is required to ensure that conclusions are derived with the least margin of error and the most number of responses.  A small number of responses cannot provide a reliable answer.

Businesses can harness the full benefits of a survey if they are capable of differentiating between useful and useless information.  It is usually difficult to process multiple ideas at the same time so it may be best to learn to segregate them according to how they can be used.  With the survey results in their hands, businesses have yet to face the most critical task of all which is understanding its meaning.

And survey said…

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