Category MarketingUniversal Robina Corporation (URC), a known industry giant in the Philippines, needs not introduction with regards to the line of business that they are catering to. Now famous for such product like their acclaimed C2 Green Tea Drink variants, and some other packed food or processed snacks have been the key to making them hot commodities in the local industry today. Their efficient pricing methods, targeted at the lower classes of the Philippines have reaped dividends, although it has been more of a psychology based approach for them, as far as marketing and such is concerned.

Their tactics are very much highly touted, since it is evident that they have put into consideration the consumer buying behavior in their marketing strategies for their different brands. Ethical or not, the target market to which they have properly placed their products has evidently rubbed off on the other classes as well, arousing their curiosity in a way because the demand and stocks are usually always out of stock, particularly the C2 Apple and Lemon flavors in the 250 ml and 500 ml packaging. Pricing is the main point for consideration, since inflation and the economic crisis that has beset the country today is evidently telling on the cost of living, not to mention the rise in demand for cheaper items for purchase.

This has greatly affected such competitors as well, such as Zest-O Corporation, Pepsi, San Miguel and Chin Chin Black Gulaman. Sales for these corporate players have plunged significantly, and with the price wars getting out of hand, it has been left to two choices: (1) compete in the Price Wars, or (2) retain their stand with regards to their price. There aren’t much options available for these players really. Consumers would usually dictate the price, especially in such given situation, economic and inflation as the main culprits. For Chin Chin, an imported brand that is being offered locally, there is not much to work on, since the cost for production and shipping eat up most of the local earnings. Zest-O with its main product called “The One�, has ventured out to such strategies, but perhaps one striking feature is that packaging is not at all that pleasing nor attractive to the human eye, compared to the simplicity of C2 in the market. Black Gulaman on the other hand, offers a different kind of packaging and content, and among its features that most people are happy about is that its product life is good for nine (9) months, compared to the local ones which are only good for 7 days, a reason why they are not available in the market today.

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