Business Costs of DUI’s

DUI’s are no joking matter. Not only is the actual act of driving under the influence potentially deadly and foolhardy, but the impact the conviction has resounds for years to come. DUI convictions affect the actual convicted individual, their friends and family members, their employers and, should they be business owners, their entire business structure. DUI’s hurt business and individuals economically every day.

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The kind and amount of insurance required drivers varies by state. In Florida, tough new anti-drunk driving laws are requiring drivers to increase their insurance. By requiring a form to be submitted, the legislature in Florida has made notification of insurance companies much easier. Once the insurance company is notified, they will require an increase in insurance or drop the driver because they don’t carry “high risk” insurance policies.

Increasing the insurance required increases costs. Individuals pay more; businesses pay more. In the end, should the driver ultimately opt to not insure themselves, all consumers end up paying the cost. Plus, insurance companies pass the cost of the higher premiums, and the additional costs due to incidents, along to all of their customers.

Business Reputation

When the business owner is person convicted of a DUI, the ramifications are immense. DUI’s carry a very negative stigma in our society, and the business will suffer should the owner be convicted. People will find the DUI to be a reason not to spend their money with that business.

In Minnesota, if you are convicted of a DUI, or if you have just refused to do the breathalyzer test, you will lose your driver’s license. It is very difficult to run a business without a driver’s license. Small business owners will especially suffer, as they are the ones who are relied upon to do most things for the business. It’s hard to make an office supply run when you can’t legally drive.

Best Defense

If you, or one of your employees, should be arrested on a DUI, a lawyer should be retained as soon as possible after the DUI arrest. Finding a lawyer who has experience with DUI’s and has a great track record of avoiding convictions for his or her clients is a must. Lawyers who offer free consultations are worthwhile candidates. They usually know if they are able to take the DUI case and if they are able to defend the client successfully. Find a lawyer that can commit to you as the client and will understand the lasting implications to your personal and business life. Make sure that lawyer can help you understand the options you have available to you and the best ways to protect your rights. Most importantly, you need to hire a lawyer who will fight hard to secure the best possible outcome. Ask questions and if you aren’t satisfied with the answers, find another lawyer.

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