No matter what an employee does, brand loyalty to the brands and products carried by sister companies will have to be endorsed in some ways to help push the product over its competitors. Such scenarios are natural for products that include cigarettes, tobacco, and soft drinks, ready to eat noodles, junk foods and so on. The control of a person over the preference should be open for possibilities that may point towards the way of competitors, something that is totally uncontrollable.


For example, for smokers, most people would prefer the Marlboro brand over the Winston brand, owing to its endorsements and length of existence. While Winston, as distributed in the Philippines by Fortune Tobacco Corporation, has been exhausting all means to be able to give Philip Morris a run for its money, it cannot be denied that Marlboro can command its prices owing to the demand for cigarettes today. Marlboro Reds, Marlboro Lights and Marlboro Mediums, this brand is known all over the world, the reason why local and imported cigarettes are available in all markets today. In other countries, the cost for purchasing one pack is expensive, owing to the fact that taxes that are applicable on liquor and tobacco have been strongly implemented to help control smoking habits which we are all aware will lead to complications of cancer diseases.


Winston has introduced its own version but has opted to limit its variants towards the regular Winston Reds and Winston Lights. Price has been set competitively towards the consumer market today but even though, this has not reaped dividends since brand superiority on the part of the Philip Morris brands have become too far to catch up on. However, this is by no means a reason for Marlboro sit back and relaxes. Like other competing organizations, the progressive research and studies may one day become a key aspect with regards towards the market share issues, something that can change at any given day by chance itself.


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Originally posted on October 14, 2006 @ 10:20 am


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