Monica GoodlingAs the Justice Department continues to draw fire, the more people are slowly curling their tails and wanting out from being caught in the limelight. The latest withdrawal came from Senior Justice Official Monica Goodling, who passed her resignation as counselor to the attorney general which will take effect on April 7.

Goodling is known for invoking the 5th amendment in her refusal to testify before congress. This in turn had raised a lot of controversy, placing her on the hot seat. Topping it all off was her sudden resignation which as usual, triggered widespread confusion since no reason was given by Goodling and at the same time was caught unaware.

At the moment, no clear reason could be pinpointed to her reason. But if there is one person that will surely suffer from this development, it would be Atty. Gen. Gonzales who is seemingly slowly losing his grip on the said department.

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Originally posted on April 7, 2007 @ 2:09 am

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