Recalling a product due to poor performance and placement in the market may be crucial, especially in stages where the initial impression will have to be erased from the minds of the consumers who have already tried it. Often, this sticks in their heads and in some cases, improvements or modifications made to the total product features and presentation will be harder the next time around.

Initial impressions on product quality, especially towards the distributors, manufacturers and developers will extend beyond one product. Faulty product development will always be critical and trying to rebound from such is no easy task. The approach towards such strategies should be more than just putting emphasis on one side of the product. The overall expected achievement should be rated accordingly in order to properly assess if the effort exerted towards it is indeed worth the time and money.

Many would say that a lot would depend on the marketing strategies to be deployed, but again, this cannot work alone. A lot has to be done and it should be a team effort rather than just the responsibility of one department in an entire organization. Each department will have to do their part and failure to do so or slight miscalculations will deem the initial purpose of product re-launching a total waste.

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Originally posted on June 16, 2006 @ 3:21 am


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