Chin Chin Powerbits Sports Drink Apple FlavorA successful business would usually take time before everything would be put into place. Continued product offering, meetings, and brainstorming for strategies to help place a company among the number of successful business enterprises in the area to which they are marketing today is something that starts from a nightmare towards a fulfilling reality once the immediate agreement for the carrying and placement of the product has been closed out. But the business venture does not really end here. The continued safekeeping of goods and the promotional support to be allocated in order for the products to maintain their current market stature and market positioning need to be attended to, since being satisfied by being in the market shelves may prove to be critical and a point against the business entity at some point when they would least expect it.

Bribes, discounting, promotional giveaways and bonuses are among the usual components that are included in such business ventures. Just like for imported goods like the Black Gulaman of Merlion International Sales, Inc., competitive prices are hard to live on, considering that the cost of manufacturing overseas is something that most people fail to realize and would not really care about since local manufacturers can have a product done at lesser cost. While quality is what most overseas businesses would promise, the impact that such would have on local consumers is useless as long as they are able to find alternative and substitutes to products such as bottled Black Gulaman drinks that is slowly making its mark into the local consumer minds of the Philippines. Chin Chin Black Gulaman offers an ideal packaging design and concept that originates from Taiwan, the Black Gulaman Jelly Bits of which is the driving factor since product life is what makes most carrying outlets wary of putting them on hand. However, with the unique production that Chin Chin Black Gulaman has employed, such is sure to be a tough act to follow, considering people can only expect manageable costs for a quality made product such as that perceived by the Chin Chin Black Gulaman.

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Originally posted on November 11, 2006 @ 10:07 am

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