4 Ways to Boost Security At Your Business

In recent years, crime rates seem to be increasing across the country. As a business owner, you may feel concern for your employees and customers. Are you doing enough to protect the vital human element of your business? There are many steps a business owner should take to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all employees and clients. Included here are a few ways to boost the security of your business.

Install a Keycard Entry

key card entry

Do you know who is coming and going from your business throughout the day? Have an employee entrance that offers access to back storerooms or inventory? It may be time you install a security system to only allow employees in and out of doors.

If you work with the public, your front doors are going to be unlocked, understandably. However, you can easily install a security system on the back doors that keep customers funneled through your main entrance. Your security system can be anything from keycards to fingerprint recognition, depending on how secure you need your workplace to be.

Integrate an Intercom System

If you are working on the fifth floor of an office building and usually see clients after hours, you may need to integrate a system that allows you to buzz them in. Being in a large office building after business hours with the doors unlocked can allow too much room for irreputable individuals to gain access.

Installing an intercom system can allow you to ensure the individuals coming to see you get clearance, and those you don’t want within will not. Intercom systems go hand in hand with a remote controlled electronic locking system. These systems are also incredibly handy in apartment building set-ups where many individuals are coming and going.

Implement Security Lighting

Depending on your employee demographic, you are likely to have at least a few individuals who are uncomfortable leaving the building after dark. This can mean ensuring they have someone to walk with them and a well-lit parking area. Crimes can easily occur by employees being targeted when they leave work at the end of the day. Make sure you have a brightly lit parking area and the option of accompanied walks out of work at the end of the day.

Invest in a Video Surveillance System

Often, the simple fact that you have a closed circuit TV system will be enough to deter criminals. Many people who have a dubious record do not want to be seen on camera around any businesses or suspected of wrongdoing. Be sure to put up several signs notifying the customers they are being viewed on cameras.

If you are unable to inhibit crime with your camera usage, you do have a means of tracking down the criminal. Cameras will allow you to identify the wrongdoer and potentially prosecute. If you work in a restaurant industry or hospitality where a customer leaves without paying, you can print the picture for future reference and put them on a “do not serve” list.

Originally posted on October 7, 2015 @ 3:53 pm

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