3 Ways To Encourage Veterans To Help Your Bottom Line

When considering who to hire for your business, the choices are wide and extremely varied depending on the type of business you run. However, one the choices is becoming more and more available and have had a hard time in the past getting accustomed to home once they have been on duty for any length of time.

These are your veterans. They have spent years in service to our country and almost always return with more experience in their little pinky than your best worker has in their entire body, but this easily tapped source of dedicated work is going to the wayside. Below are three ways to attract and encourage former members of the armed services to work for you.

Market Appropriately

There are all kinds of things businesses do to attract new employees. Most are looking for people who are well educated, responsible, prompt, dedicated, and loyal. You will find all of these qualities in most every veteran.

They have to be this way in order to protect our citizens on a day to day basis. However, reaching out to them is a little different hat trick. Make sure to attend job fairs held on military installations.

Structure your company’s mission statement to reach out to those who have had careers in the military. Talk to veterans you may already employ and see if they can recommend other candidates for your business.

Offer Veteran Friendly Benefits

There are many details that go overlooked when a veteran of the armed forces comes off active duty. They are often without a place to stay, good health coverage, or the money to sustain themselves.

You can help in all three areas. For starters, make sure that the pay you are offering is comparable to what they made while enlisted and better, if you can. Second, offer a good healthcare choice that will give them complete coverage or greatly assist in the coverage they may already have as a veteran.

Finally, offer assistance in finding good housing. A lot of the time, former military personnel simply don’t know where to look to find a good, well maintained, and comfortable place to live. There are several places that are veteran friendly.

Speak Their Language

Lastly, our men and women of the armed forces spend every day of their enlistment in an entirely different culture than what they will come home to. This includes the language they speak and we’re not talking about French or German.

A lot of times, veterans may have trouble translating their military experience into civilian terms. Make sure to word job descriptions, rules, and policies in a manner that makes it easy for veterans to find you and match their skill set to what you need.

Our men and women in camo have done so much for this country. One of the best ways to thank them is to make it easier for them to make a living in the land they fought to keep free.

Originally posted on October 10, 2017 @ 9:24 pm

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