3 Positive Steps To Take When Moving Forward in Business

The current trend in business is toward movement and change, and this means lots of people will be moving into and out of different jobs and job titles. Whether you’re a business owner and have to deal with your employees going through this process, or you’re a contractor with a need for this kind of variation, there are a few positive steps that you can take along your paths to transition. Three of the most important to consider include the ideas of knowledge transfer, making sure not to burn bridges, and thinking about future collaboration with past co-workers.

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Knowledge Transfer

A major company asset is knowledge. If a company employs one person that has an idea locked up inside his or her head, and then a position opens up that they have to take for their own personal and professional reasons, what happens? Luckily, business owners can hire knowledge transfer experts. These are people who have helped businesses deal with these kinds of employee movements in a way that reduces the risk associated with the loss of knowledge and skill set. It’s a fascinating concept, and companies that are really good at structuring the process can literally save companies from impending doom and bankruptcy. Knowledge is quickly becoming one of the primary assets of many tech and business companies.

Don’t Burn Bridges

Even if there are people you don’t like in a company, when you leave, don’t make a stink. You never really know what the future holds, and any small grudges that you leave behind, any bits and pieces of drama or ill intent, can really come back to haunt you later. This means don’t make bosses or employees angry with you, and be as graceful and grateful as you possibly can on the way out. Even if that means swallowing a little bit of pride, the better you are at leaving peacefully, the brighter your business future is going to be.

Think About Future Collaboration

As a person leaves from one company to another, there’s always the potential for collaboration between the two structures as well. Particularly if the two companies aren’t competing in the same industry, why not see how resources can potentially be combined? There are current business gurus like Seth Godin who preach this kind of out of the box thinking on a daily basis, and many other famous business people and entrepreneurs that are always thinking about cooperating rather than competition, and they’re generally the ones who come out better in the end. In a rapidly changing business environment, the people with the most open-minded attitudes are going to be the ones who overcome the greatest risks and achieve the greatest successes.

Originally posted on April 22, 2015 @ 5:12 pm

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