The previous week I discussed the three traits that I have observed among people who earn a substantial profit through their blogs. Aside from being great writers, web savvy, and updated though blog earners are also…

Adaptable – The internet is such a volatile medium and its users evolve rapidly. Anyone who wants to make a nice profit should not only be able to detect the shift in their readers’ needs but also adapt and develop new strategies. Successful bloggers should not only be able to adapt to change but should thrive on change. If you drag you feet when it comes to embracing new internet trends you will probably be able to make money by simply being a copycat but the early adapters will be the ones that will make the most money out of anything.

Statistics Conscious – Successful bloggers keep track of their statistics, analyze them, and USE the findings to IMPROVE on their blogs. This is where being web savvy again comes in since gathering and analyzing statistical data requires knowledge of existing analytics software available on the net. The pitfall of many bloggers though is that thought they may be aware of the statistics but do not really do anything to understand what it means for their blog and what they can do to to make it better. It is such a waste since there are so many free analytical software that will not only churn out number but have help sections to explain the importance of each and every metric they analyzed.

Originally posted on September 17, 2007 @ 5:34 pm

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