5 Pitfalls of Using Social Media for Business

social media pitfalls

It's a reality today that business organizations of all sizes recognize the benefits of establishing a social media presence. By being online, they are able to reach out to their target market across the globe and even engage with them on a regular basis. This being the case, it's no surprise that certain companies are investing heavily on certain social networking platforms for marketing purposes. But with the … [Read more...]

4 Tech Things Your Startup Needs

tech startup

Starting a business from scratch puts you in a fantastic position to be able to outfit your operation with the best technology for you. However, many small businesses don’t choose the best technology because they try to go frugal in the wrong arenas. Instead of trying to “make do” with subpar technology, this is the time to set your foundation. For example, getting the right in-memory database services from … [Read more...]

Staying Sane on Your Business Travels

business travel

Business travel certainly has its perks. Who doesn't like traveling the world on someone else's dime? However, you can quickly grow weary of the constant traveling, so it's important to take a few steps to maximize what you're getting out of traveling. Plan Ahead Being efficient is the single biggest step you can take to minimize stress. Plan out as many details in advance as you can. Not only will it save you … [Read more...]

Two Pillars Of Financial Awareness Lacking In Business Today

Accountant at work

Financial awareness is, for many first time business owners, a first step into the real world. If you have never wondered how you will keep your business's lights on and the doors open, when the money just is not coming in fast enough, then you are still quite unfamiliar with what financial awareness is really all about. Great business men and women learn the most from their trials in the trenches when the money … [Read more...]