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4 Ways Your Creative Content Plays a Vital Role on Your Blog

Creative Content

Many of us keep our professional blogging lives and our creative hobbies separate. However, what if you could dramatically increase your traffic and exposure by sharing your creative content with the world? Blogging can be an excellent incentive for you to hone your creative abilities, such as film production, photography, or musicianship. Take a look at these four reasons why your own creative content is so valuable to your blog strategy. More →

What Makes Africa Attractive to Investors?


Investment opportunities in Africa are aplenty these days, including various sectors such as water, electricity, oil, waste management, and information technology. It is not surprising, then, that in recent years the region has attracted many international businesses eager to help Africa develop and become globally competitive. Given Africa’s recent resource boom, the continent is predicted to grow rapidly, and become more progressive.

Samuel Best-Koufie, Chairman of Global Merchant Capital Limited – a leader in the Private Finance market, is among the stalwarts of Africa’s infrastructure development projects. Best-Koufie argues the lack of a modern sustainable infrastructure is the largest hurdle the continent needs to overcome in order to compete on the world’s grandest economic stage.

According to a recent report from AllAfrica.com, consumer-facing industries in Africa are growing at a rapid rate, two to three times faster than in the developed world. The report further noted that the continent gained $55 billion worth of foreign direct investment in 2010, and the forecast for 2020 is a GDP of $2.6 trillion and $1.4 trillion in combined consumer spending. More →

How Your Business Site Can Benefit from Accepting Guest Posts

Business sites would usually have resident writers working on them. Aside from providing general information about the business, products, and services, readers now expect to see related and relevant information on the site usually in the form of blogs or micro-blogs within the site. Reading a different perspective from contributors is one way of widening the audience appeal of websites and one of the more common ways of doing this is by accepting guest posts. You can look into various sites offering Guest Blogging Service if you don’t have a particular guest writer in mind.

Image Source

Image Source

Here are the ways by which business sites open their doors to the benefits of accepting guest posts:

Wider Perspective

Let’s face it , regular writers already have their established views, opinions, and information about specific topics. This usually results to a one-sided view. Whether this view has sound basis or not, readers can always benefit from having access to the other side. This gives readers the complete view which they appreciate. Anything that can contribute to their knowledge for making better decisions is welcome. Allowing the other side to be seen manifests a business’confidence in its strength. Businesses must realize that there will be other sources of information so why not provide it themselves through the view of an outsider.

Relationship Building

Opening up opportunities for others in the form of guest posts can go both ways. Favors are often returned by asking for a guest post from the initial host. This of course builds relationships and networks that will prove mutually beneficial. Opportunities like this pave the way for a wider audience, increased traffic, and not to mention stimulating more interest and boosting reputation. It goes without saying that there is a need to be selective in this aspect since it is highly desirable to be identified with reputable sites and people.

Timely Breather

Having to write content regularly and continuously spurn new ideas that will be worthy of readers’ time can be exhausting and stressful at items. Even doing the easiest job can take its toll eventually when everything becomes routine. Whatever the case, a guest post can provide a timely breather from writing, just enough to provide a needed break. Before you count on relaxing, make sure that you are dealing with a guest writer who produces quality content. There is no expected benefit to be gained from publishing poor quality content as they can actually be damaging to the hosting site.

How to Find the Most Suitable Legal Representation for Your Business

Businesses will find it in their best interest to have the most suitable legal representation. Aside from an accountant, a business lawyer is one person that your business will need even before you find yourself facing a legal problem. The idea of hiring a lawyer for your business is to ensure that you avoid legal entanglements that may arise from ignorance or violation of the law. How do you find the best one for your business?


Area of Expertise

There are many types of lawyers with each having a specialization. Thus,  a business lawyer’s forte is not the same as that of a criminal defense lawyer. Business owners would do well to hire a business lawyer since it is his kind of expertise which will most likely be needed in the company’s course of operation. It should be noted however that business people who find themselves facing a criminal suit including personal cases, will have much use for a reliable criminal defense lawyer. In essence, the kind of lawyer that will be needed depends on the nature of work expected to be performed. Business lawyers typically take care of business matters including contracts, business organizations, real estate, taxes and licenses, and intellectual property, among others. No lawyer will know every aspect of law.


In the legal arena, experience of lawyers in actual scenarios is always an advantage. Business owners will be paying their lawyers and it is never cheap. It would be best therefore to find one who will really work and has extensive experience in the expected work scope. It is critical to hire a lawyer who is familiar in the specific industry in which your business belongs to. This removes all the unnecessary guess work and additional costs typically incurred due to unfamiliarity.

Communicates Well

Communication is not only about fluency in language. It has much to do with the ability to send information clearly especially to clients. A good lawyer is able to explain to the client what needs to be understood on the client side. All options must be provided and the most appropriate legal advise is expected to be given by the lawyer without being asked. Many lawyers do not explain all the legal options available to a client. Client-companies usually expect explanation of options which makes complete sense.

There are a lot of other factors to consider like the location of the office and the rate. Location is a real issue when it becomes necessary to meet with lawyers frequently. Rates must be clear so clients will know what to expect.

4 Jobs that Are Becoming More Travel-Centric


There was a time when traveling for business was reserved for only a few industries or positions. It was seen as a great perk by many and a huge handicap by others. For some, the thrill of visiting new cities, meeting new people, and getting paid to do it was a dream come true. For others, it means being forced to upset routines, take time away from family, and feeling bullied into missing out on big life events like a kid’s birthday or comped tickets to a local game. More →

4 Tips for Blogging in the Real Estate Business

House owner/real estate agent giving away the keys

A real estate agent is all about showing, not telling. This is becoming increasingly important in an age where technology is allowing buyers to check out a property in very minute detail well before a showing. While showings are still important and will never be obsolete, a more virtual world means that agents need to give buyers (and sellers) what they want. A blog can help bridge that gap. More →

Deciding Whether Your Business Needs a Mobile App or Website

Social Media Apps on Apple iPhone 4

Mobile audiences can account for a significant portion of your traffic and sales. Your company leaders might decide to make it easier for people to access your webpage through a wide variety of mobile platforms. However, it can be difficult to know where to start. Before you decide whether to offer a mobile app or website, you’ll need to thoroughly understand several factors: your consumer base, the frequency of their mobile usage, how your customers spend their money, and the types of features your business wants to give mobile users. These considerations will help your organization craft mobile content that is both relevant and useful to your audience.

Usage Frequency

How often will mobile users need to access your company’s mobile resources? Some companies invest thousands of dollars in a mobile app, only to have extremely low retention rates once their app appears on the market. In fact, a quarter of mobile apps are used just once before they are deleted from a mobile device, according to statistics collected by Localytics. Will your consumer base need to access your mobile resources multiple times a week or month? If so, then an app might be the way to go. However, if they only need to access your content occasionally, then your organization should examine a mobile site. More →

Business Travel is Becoming an Essential Part of Many Occupations


Thousands of people travel daily to business meetings, conferences, exhibitions, work training and other job obligations. Individuals in different professions such as engineers, sales professionals, executives and designers travel consistently for business reasons. Some people earn a living by traveling daily or weekly to perform job responsibilities. According to U.S. Travel, $452 million Americans traveled for business purposes in 2013, and approximately $265.5 billion was used for domestic and international business travel expenses. The 2013 study conducted by U.S. Travel revealed that the sources of travel spending was primarily used for food, public transportation, lodging, automobile transportation, retail spending and recreation expenses. More →

4 Reasons Health Care is a Smart Small Business Move


Are you an entrepreneur in the making, but you haven’t been able to narrow down your industry yet? It’s smart to go with a recession-proof niche, such as health care — or alcohol sales.

If you have a background in health care, or even a strong general management background, getting into the virtual care realm right now might prove to be very lucrative. It’s not a move you should take lightly, though.

Certain virtual health care activities appear to be thriving, such as online psychiatric tools or being able to chat with a doctor online. Others, such as gerontology, are still better suited to the “real world.”

The ideal person to get into this kind of small business has both managerial and health-care experience. Of course, if you don’t have a health-care background, you could partner with people who do.

Here are a few key reasons why health care and small businesses can easily go hand in hand: More →

The Importance Of Blogging About Products


Blogging is done across the globe by individuals and businesses. It is a way of communicating what is going on with the world. While individuals will talk about anything and everything, businesses use it as a form of marketing. They can share information about their business and some of their new products as a way to promote their product line more effectively. More →