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4 Things You Should Never Blog About


It can be challenging to come up with new blog topics every day, especially if you manage the blog for a business and have a very niche arena. There’s only so many times you can blog about the importance of paintless dent removal, proper dog grooming or personal injury law topics before you start to run dry. Creativity is great when blogging, but there are some topics that remain taboo no matter how stuck you are. As a business blogger, how can you tread the line between engaging and overstepping boundaries?

It all depends on what type of business you’re with and confidentiality. For example, if you manage a reputable property management company, your clients are trusting you with some very sensitive information. That recent eviction debacle you managed might inspire you to write a blog, but be careful about hinting too heavily at a real life scenario. Just like any author, you need to respect the privacy of those who inspire you.

Here are some of the biggest blog topics to avoid as a business: More →

Should You Blog to Become an Influencer?


A lot of people confuse “influencer” with the LinkedIn definition, which means you’ve reached a certain level on a specific social media platform that gives you authority. While LinkedIn has many great standards in place that you can mimic in your own journey, the reality is that anyone in any industry can become an influencer. Using a blog as a platform is a great tool to establish authority, garnering you respect amongst your peers and positioning your company so that it’s highly desirable for job seekers. However, what you blog is key.

Blogging isn’t easy, whether it’s for monetization or simply to build your audience. It doesn’t matter if you’re tackling the importance of knowledge transfer or the pros and cons of telecommuting. If you’re a CEO, founder, executive or other higher up, you already have a lot on your plate. Adding a blog to the mix can be detrimental if you don’t have the right resources and time management to make it happen. Here’s how to tell if you’re ready. More →

How Blogging can Support Worthy Causes

If you are an advocate of a worth cause and you want to spread the word about it to gain more support, blogging is an effective way to do it. Being personal platforms, a blog allows anybody to share his views and opinions on any topic he or she is passionate about.


Blogging for a cause helps in raising awareness on an issue or a non-profit organization dedicated to contributing to human development and environmental preservation. It’s also a way to hone your writing skills and let your voice be known on a global level.

Decide on a Topic

To get started, it’s important that you plan first about the blog that you’re going to create. Decide on whether you want to focus on a particular issue or you want to cover various issues close to your heart. More →

5 Businesses That Go Well with Social Media


You may find this hard to believe, but the majority of small businesses still don’t have any online presence, let alone social media prowess. If a business doesn’t have a website, however, that doesn’t make it immune from the development of an online reputation (for better or worse).

Customers can still write reviews, and if the company lacks the means to engage, it’s a one-way street. Think your business is too small, too niche oriented, or just not the right fit for social media? Think again.

Of course, every firm that has a social media presence should also have a well-designed, mobile-ready site. Every example of online presence you manage should lead back to your website.

However, social media offers a different set of opportunities from a website: It allows interaction between businesses and consumers in an informal setting.

Here are examples of small businesses that could give their company a huge lift if they do social media right. More →

The Marketing Power of Blogging For Businesses


Over the past decade, blogs have become a phenomenon. Hundreds of thousands of new blogs go live every day, and with the rise of social media, updates are more frequent than ever. Individuals use blogs for various purposes to reach others or start a movement. Businesses have also taken advantage of the blogging world. After all, blogs are user friendly and can open up a new form of interaction with customers, versus the traditional web site. There are a number of benefits that blogging has for businesses, especially when it comes to marketing. More →

The Top Verticals for Your Social Media Content Strategy


The demands of social media are constant: There isn’t a start or finish to your duties if you have to manage posts. What’s trending, what’s in the news, and certain hot industries are sure to generate a near-constant buzz.

But occasionally, you might struggle to find inspiration. If you’re looking to replenish your barrel of social media ideas, then start check out these three verticals for top news to share.     More →

4 Ways to Express Yourself in a Workplace That Requires Uniforms

TORONTO, ON - JULY 10h, 2012 - For story on wearing flip flops at work.

A wide range of industries require uniforms at work, including health care, manufacturing, and customer service. But you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice your individuality just because you have to wear a uniform at work.

Many environments have flexible attitudes when it comes to your self-expression through hairstyle, makeup, and accessories. Take a look at some of the creative ways you can maintain your individual style, even if you have to wear a uniform on the job. More →

4 Ways Your Creative Content Plays a Vital Role on Your Blog

Creative Content

Many of us keep our professional blogging lives and our creative hobbies separate. However, what if you could dramatically increase your traffic and exposure by sharing your creative content with the world? Blogging can be an excellent incentive for you to hone your creative abilities, such as film production, photography, or musicianship. Take a look at these four reasons why your own creative content is so valuable to your blog strategy. More →

What Makes Africa Attractive to Investors?


Investment opportunities in Africa are aplenty these days, including various sectors such as water, electricity, oil, waste management, and information technology. It is not surprising, then, that in recent years the region has attracted many international businesses eager to help Africa develop and become globally competitive. Given Africa’s recent resource boom, the continent is predicted to grow rapidly, and become more progressive.

Samuel Best-Koufie, Chairman of Global Merchant Capital Limited – a leader in the Private Finance market, is among the stalwarts of Africa’s infrastructure development projects. Best-Koufie argues the lack of a modern sustainable infrastructure is the largest hurdle the continent needs to overcome in order to compete on the world’s grandest economic stage.

According to a recent report from AllAfrica.com, consumer-facing industries in Africa are growing at a rapid rate, two to three times faster than in the developed world. The report further noted that the continent gained $55 billion worth of foreign direct investment in 2010, and the forecast for 2020 is a GDP of $2.6 trillion and $1.4 trillion in combined consumer spending. More →

How Your Business Site Can Benefit from Accepting Guest Posts

Business sites would usually have resident writers working on them. Aside from providing general information about the business, products, and services, readers now expect to see related and relevant information on the site usually in the form of blogs or micro-blogs within the site. Reading a different perspective from contributors is one way of widening the audience appeal of websites and one of the more common ways of doing this is by accepting guest posts. You can look into various sites offering Guest Blogging Service if you don’t have a particular guest writer in mind.

Image Source

Image Source

Here are the ways by which business sites open their doors to the benefits of accepting guest posts:

Wider Perspective

Let’s face it , regular writers already have their established views, opinions, and information about specific topics. This usually results to a one-sided view. Whether this view has sound basis or not, readers can always benefit from having access to the other side. This gives readers the complete view which they appreciate. Anything that can contribute to their knowledge for making better decisions is welcome. Allowing the other side to be seen manifests a business’confidence in its strength. Businesses must realize that there will be other sources of information so why not provide it themselves through the view of an outsider.

Relationship Building

Opening up opportunities for others in the form of guest posts can go both ways. Favors are often returned by asking for a guest post from the initial host. This of course builds relationships and networks that will prove mutually beneficial. Opportunities like this pave the way for a wider audience, increased traffic, and not to mention stimulating more interest and boosting reputation. It goes without saying that there is a need to be selective in this aspect since it is highly desirable to be identified with reputable sites and people.

Timely Breather

Having to write content regularly and continuously spurn new ideas that will be worthy of readers’ time can be exhausting and stressful at items. Even doing the easiest job can take its toll eventually when everything becomes routine. Whatever the case, a guest post can provide a timely breather from writing, just enough to provide a needed break. Before you count on relaxing, make sure that you are dealing with a guest writer who produces quality content. There is no expected benefit to be gained from publishing poor quality content as they can actually be damaging to the hosting site.